Sunday, July 20, 2008

Via Colori Sponsorship Drive

Here's the finished sidewalk art from the Via Colori sponsorship drive at Creekside in Gahanna Saturday night. I went for some semi-realism and it worked pretty well for the camera. In fact, it was pretty interesting... I thought the drawing was coming off OK, but as soon as I saw it in the photographer's preview window, it really took on another dimension.

The finished artwork.

Working on the snake. I like to get one main small part of the illustration completely finished - in this case the snake's head - so the viewers get to see one 'cool' thing right off the bat. Here on the blog, it's all about seeing the final artwork, but during the events it's all about watching the process. In fact 99% of the viewers probably don't even see the finished product.

Kids always have suggestions.

Finishing touches, and adding Charlie Brown grass.

Johnny and Jake by drawing.


Steve Horn said...

I like the more realistic aspects, but even more I like how you kept elements of your style in it. Nice work!!


excellent sidewalk, AMAZING sidewalk art....also love the hockey guys and the chili peppers....did I read Leinenkugel time ????? My family lives in Chippewa Falls, WI....but, of course, you know that's home of Leinies.