Monday, June 9, 2008

Via Colori Sponsorship Drive

I got a call last Monday from Hani at Via Colori Columbus asking for help for the sponsor drive for this September's Via Colori event in the Short North. They needed a sidewalk artist to showcase some Via Colori-style artwork during the Short North gallery hop this month. It served as good sample art for the sponsorship drive, plus made for a cool mini-event at the hop.


A special thanks to Jennifer and Karac at CD101 for the great photos of the progress. Here's the final result, and the progress step-by-step. It took way longer than I thought, so the later dark shots don't catch some of the detail.

Happy with the way the pastel markers are working.

Getting the small peppers out of the way

I was worried I wouldn't have enough crimson pastel markers to finish the big cayenne.

Racing with sundown.

Finished product.

Leinenkugel time.


Steve Horn said...

Great job!

indigene said...

Wow! It's simply Maaarvelous! I love the colors!