Monday, June 9, 2008

Via Colori Sponsorship Drive

I got a call last Monday from Hani at Via Colori Columbus asking for help for the sponsor drive for this September's Via Colori event in the Short North. They needed a sidewalk artist to showcase some Via Colori-style artwork during the Short North gallery hop this month. It served as good sample art for the sponsorship drive, plus made for a cool mini-event at the hop.


A special thanks to Jennifer and Karac at CD101 for the great photos of the progress. Here's the final result, and the progress step-by-step. It took way longer than I thought, so the later dark shots don't catch some of the detail.

Happy with the way the pastel markers are working.

Getting the small peppers out of the way

I was worried I wouldn't have enough crimson pastel markers to finish the big cayenne.

Racing with sundown.

Finished product.

Leinenkugel time.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Princess Leia

I used a very different PhotoShop technique with this illustration, and I'm pretty excited at how much time I saved, not to mention that it really makes the linework pop.

I learned about the technique here, and I'm really excited about spending fewer hours in PhotoShop, and more on the drawing board and coding. Plus, hopefully there will be some great results! - this wasn't even a particularly great drawing to begin with.