Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alice Cooper

Here's a take on Alice Cooper. I drew it from a photo from a meet 'n greet after a concert a while back. My college bud, Twinks works for the Ohio State Fair managing the fair entertainment. Every year there's always at least one 'B' act that would be worth seeing for fun - this particular year it was Alice, and he was able to get us good seats and backstage to meet Alice and get a photo with him. Anyway, Alice was very cool and had some hilarious things to say about playing a State Fair. After that we then drank some beer with some carnies and wandered the fairgrounds after hours. I heard later there was a great practical joke played using horse manure, but I digress.
Wags, Alice, and me.


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Andrew Moir said...

So Alice is doing state fairs now, ey? I saw him mid-80's and he had a big show back then. I think you nailed this caricature, plus I like your Tarantino and Neil Diamond also. Good work! :)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

A very cool portrait with a great story to go with it!